On Writing

“How do you outline a book?”

How can I proofread my own work?

5 tools for dealing with the slow writing days

What’s the best way to keep notes for your writing project?

How do you know if your writing is “good enough”?

The craft of an index

5 tips for tackling multiple writing projects at the same time

How can you be sure that your ideas are good enough to be published?

How do you deal with rejection?

5 tips to get yourself writing

But what does it actually mean to “kill your darlings”?

Why I write about serial killers

How do you get back to a writing project you haven’t worked on in a while?

How do you read for research?

Taming the Inner Two-Year-Old

New Year, Same Me

So you want to write an academic book proposal

The usual parts of an academic book proposal

How do you know when it’s time to stop researching and start writing?

Do your rough drafts ever get … less rough?

Breaking down the writing process

Reframing rejection

How do you care about a project for months?

The garbage will do

What’s your writing schedule look like?

On good days, write. On bad days, write.

Too many things left on this to-do list.

Let’s not oversimplify this.

Tools of the trade: hybrids analog digital

Blinders on

You’re not a train

About handling multiple projects again …

The curse of “perfection”

How do you encourage a writer?

“Don’t compare your rough draft to someone else’s final product.”

1 like = 1 fact about me as a writer

What we leave out when we talk about writing

“Do you do more research for your fiction or your nonfiction?”

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