H. H. Holmes

Who was America’s first serial killer? Part IPart IIPart III

But what about H. H. Holmes’ murder castle?

The Curse of H. H. Holmes

H. H. Holmes and the 27 body problem

Was H. H. Holmes really a serial killer?

Holmes’ (Supposed) 27 Victims

1. Dr. Robert Leacock

2. Dr. Russell

3 and 4. Julia and Pearl Conner

5 and 6. Rodgers and Charles Cole

7, 8, and 9. Mrs. Sarah Cook, her unborn child, and Miss Mary Haracamp

10. Lizzie

11. Emeline Cigrand

12. Miss Rosine Van Jassand

13. Robert Latimer

14 and 15. Miss Anna Betts and Miss Gertrude Conner

16. “Miss Kate” Durkee

20 and 21. Minnie and Nannie Williams